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A Little Bit of History

In 2005, Dr. Meredith began a Residential Treatment Center called “Clarity” on his 80 acre Seven Ponds Ranch, located on the Southeastern Oklahoma/Texas border. He had retired from the University of California, Davis, and sold his four northern California clinics of over 1000 patients to move forward with his dream of designing a new way for people to resolve the challenge of obsessive compulsive self-defeating thinking and self-defeating choices. For the previous six years “Doc” had used his small Songbird Retreat as a base camp in the northern California Sierra Mountains to host patients for an informal wilderness experiential application of CBR. No Office, no leather chairs, no cell phones, no treatment plans, no aftercare.

By 2010, Dr. Meredith had developed an” off the grid” CBR program that he implemented at his licensed residential program on Seven Ponds Ranch. After three years of application, the patient outcomes were persuasive and compelling. Of the 177 patients who completed the program, 138 had gone 18 months or longer with no symptomatic regression requiring additional training or professional assistance.

Seeking a broader nationwide application for CBR, Dr. Meredith and his wife Amy completed their 2012 asset purchase of the legendary, soon to retire Wilderness Quest program located in Moab Utah. After a year of training staff and retrofitting the facilities at Seven Ponds for national base camp services, Wilderness Renewal LLC was launched as a national provider of wilderness renewal and intervention services, trekking throughout the canyons of Utah, the deserts and high country of Arizona, the Texoma Trail of Tears, and the uninhabited islands of the Caribbean.

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